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Q. How easy or difficult is it to avoid media scrutiny as a celebrity? Do many of the train wrecks we see on shows like TMZ or in the tabloids actually crave attention, or is it just that difficult to avoid? It seems like there are thousands of actors we never hear about unless they have a new project coming out (which is just fine with me). – Mantonat
A. TMZ is entertainment, and its stories are fabricated and embellished at best. You can avoid being the topic if you stay low-key and keep to yourself. Or better yet, go and volunteer at a school or charity because if the paps get you, at least you’ll be doing something constructive.

Q. Do we need so many paparazzi pictures of celebrities arriving (or departing) at LAX? It strikes me as the height of laziness for photographers to hang out at the airport because they know sooner or later almost every celebrity in town will walk through there. Does this collective obsession with the minutia of celebrity lives have an upside?— Abe Stalin
A. Finding celebrities and taking their picture can be a lot of fun, exciting and adrenaline-inducing — it’s the waiting around that is the work. Some of these guys will spend 12 hours at an airport to get that shot.We as a culture are saturated with media, we have become savvy as to how manipulated it can be. We are aware of the facade so we look to the tabloids and the paparazzi to get those candid, unposed moments. Something real.

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Yesterday Adrian guested on ABC’s The View. See a few photos in our gallery.

Adrian Grenier strolls into the rooftop lounge at the Thompson Hotel, looking tired. It’s his second day in Toronto, promoting his television show, Entourage, and his documentary, Teenage Paparazzo. He’s 20 minutes late for the interview but still manages to play 10 questions with The Ampersand about his comedy which is in its seventh season:

Q: You once described the show as “spiritual.”
A: I think it’s about family, friendship and loyalty. The characters are navigating L.A. and it can be often treacherous. The story is really about how these guys survive. Vince has this zen-like meditation that allows him to avoid some of the major pitfalls. I’m pretty even-keeled. I think I try to bring that to the character.

Q: What is most challenging thing about playing Vince?
A: Maybe enjoying the luxuries. I was always looking at celebrity in a more obtuse kind of way. I remember Doug Ellin was always saying, ‘Smile. You’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.’ It took me a couple of episodes to realize, ‘Oh yeah.’ That’s not the easiest thing to do. Let go and enjoy every moment. That was the fun of the show, to live vicariously through Vince’s enjoyment and the other guy’s indulgences.

Q: Is it an accurate portrayal of the lifestyle.
A: Accurate-ish.

Q: What is accurate about it?
A: A lot of it is based on real events, loosely interpreted and often Doug Ellin will prophesize things that happen. Stuff will happen on the show and then they’ll happen in real life. Some stuff is fictionalized or downplayed because if they were depicted, it wouldn’t seem real because truth is stranger of fiction.

Q: What is the most-asked fan question?
A: Where is Turtle at?

Q: Do you have a favourite season?
A: I don’t. This season, I’ve had the opportunity to spread my wings a bit.

Q: Do you have a favourite episode?
A: It was nice to do the Mexico sequence.

Q: What other kinds of work do you want to do?
A: I’ve always wanted to do smart films that were smart rides.

Q: What else can we expect for the upcoming episodes?
A: Reconciliation.

Q: And the final season?
A: We’ll see. I have no idea.

Source: National Post

Say what you will about Adrian Grenier, but one thing is certain: he has an appreciation for irony.

Six years ago, Grenier became famous for playing someone famous, heartthrob actor Vincent Chase, on HBO’s Entourage. Now, he’s used his notoriety—namely his connections to other celebrities and the media that feed on them—to make a documentary about the culture of fame itself.

Teenage Paparazzo is, in part, the story of Austin Visschedyk, a 14-year-old paparazzo Grenier met three years ago. Intrigued by the boy’s tenacity, Grenier set out to follow him on the celebrity hunt. But after interviewing the teenager’s laissez-faire parents, his Hollywood targets, and historians and other experts, the film became more of a meditation on the uncomfortable truths of the celebrity industry.

The movie, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival last January, has received positive buzz so far. The LA Times called it “a clear-eyed investigation of the fame apparatus.” And according the Village Voice blog Voice Film, Paparazzo is “far more intellectually engaging than a film about celebrity made by a celebrity has any right to be.”

The College of Communication and HBO Documentary Films are bringing filmmaker and film to campus tonight. The screening, which will be held at the Photonics Center at 6 p.m., will be followed by a question-and-answer period with Grenier.

BU Today caught up with Grenier on Tuesday, just before the Los Angeles premiere of Teenage Paparazzo, to talk about what it’s been like to see celebrity from both sides of the camera lens.

BU Today: This is your first visit to a college campus. Why bring the movie to BU?
Grenier: This is actually very exciting. It’s the first college screening in what I’m hoping will be a continuing exhibition series. I think there are a lot of elements in the film that people who have an active interest in studying media can really appreciate.

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Adrian and his friends attended the premiere of HBO Documentary Films’ “Teenage Paparazzo” at the Pacific Design Center on September 21 in West Hollywood. Check out the photos!

Adrian and Mario Lopez visited the Extra set at The Grove on September 21 in Los Angeles.

Ahead of his Teenage Paparazzo documentary airing on HBO on September 27, Adrian has enlisted a bunch of his celebrity friends, including Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, Ke$ha, Kid Kudi, Michelle Rodriguez and Kristin Cavallari to help market the S’leb Suit, a celebrity disguising suit!

Check out this clip of The Honey Brothers appearance on the last night’s episode of TV show 90210.

On September 15th Adrian has also attended the GQ, Rocawear & Hennessy Black celebration of their fall campaign at Hotel Gansevoort. See the photos.

EW has posted the first photos of Adrian and his band The Honey Brothers as they make their guest appearance on CW’s TV show 90210. Screencaptures will follow once the episode airs next Monday! Only a few days left…


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